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Pre-Kindergarten (3-4 yrs)

Our Pre Kindergarten Program offers the perfect backdrop for educational success and flourishing students. Perseverance is the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve a goal, which is essential to children’s success in school, career and life. In our Pre Kindergarten Program, children develop this crucial trait by engaging in play-based learning activities and sticking with them until they solve the problem or complete the project. If children’s solutions to a problem do not work, teachers help the children learn from their efforts and encourage them to keep trying to accomplish the objective.

For example, if a child assembles a building with blocks and the building falls, the teacher might ask questions to help the child figure out why. Was the building too high? Was the foundation wobbly? The teacher encourages the child to think about what went wrong and to try again to create a sturdier building.

Children use a variety of interesting, hands-on learning and reading materials to make play more complex and challenging. Their play also becomes more social and cooperative as they build their social skills, make friends and learn to collaborate.

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age. All children must be potty trained.